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Glass Splash-backs


Harrow Glass offer a large range of back painted glass (Splash-Backs) 

For kitchen decor that offers a sleek, hygienic, easy to maintain, yet still beautiful finish, then consider having your glass splash-backs made in bespoke sizes and colours to ensure your kitchen is as beautiful as possible – and finished to your exact taste.

Glass can be made to the exact sizes you need to cover the wall space that is ideal for you – and all socket cut outs, shaping and even curves are cut into the panels prior to toughening – and the panels can then be sprayed to your exact colour requirements.


To select your colour, you can tell us the paint reference you have selected from any standard paint colour chart, or you can opt for a  standard colour like an RAL colour or BS (British Standard) Colours, details of which you can see on this link



Why Choose a Glass Back-splash?

Practicality: Glass is durable and easy to install. It's also easier to clean and more hygienic for kitchen and bathroom uses, especially because the larger glass panels have fewer crevices for bacteria and dirt to hide.

Style & Beauty: A glass splash-back adds a clean, sleek and seamless look to any room. It instantly updates kitchens and bathrooms.

Enhanced Light: Glass back splashes reflect light back into the room. Even back-painted glass brightens a room.

Unique Possibilities: Instead of installing a glass back-splash as a single sheet, create endless designs and patterns with smaller cuts, colours and patterns


Glass Back-splash Applications


  • Kitchen Splash-back
  • Bathtub Splash-back
  • Vanity Splash-back
  • Kitchen island Splash-back
  • Painted glass bathroom walls 
  • Decorative colored glass wall 
  • Coloured Glass Doors
  • Coloured Glass Tabletops